Deep speech in windows

Hello ,
I’m a beginner in deepSpeech, I checked the documentation. I saw that we can train data just in linux or mac. I wonder if we can train our model in linux, then use the model that we trained in winodws.
Thank you for your help

We don’t support training on Windows, but some people reported having been able to, so please search for that discussions on the forum.

It is documented that you can use the library on Windows, either directly with the C library or higher levels: Python, .Net, JS …

I see in this documentation that windows is supported to use deep speech models. my question is, after i train my model in linux. can i use it in windows ?? .

Your question is inconsistent with your previous statement, and I already explained.

I’am sorry . I tried to look in the forum, the discussion where we say that we could train it with windows. If you can, is it possible to send it to me. Thank you

Again we don’t support it, some people reported it worked for them.

I’m sorry but I really don’t have time …

Searching for “train windows”: Error on training: failed to get device attribute 13 for device 0: CUDA_ERROR_UNKNOWN

So please next time, make an effort?