Deepspeech with TensorRT


is it possible to use tensorrt with deep speech? If yes, is there any resource available that I can refer to?

Thank you.

Nobody has tried it, or if they have tried it, they didn’t share the results with us.

okay, but is it really possible? Because i read that some architecture part in deep speech is not yet supported by tesorRT?

I don’t know. I imagine I would find out if I tried doing it :slight_smile:

I am actually attempting this right now. So, from what I have read online, you need to freeze the graph after running the checkpoints and then run TensorRT? Have you had an any luck?

Nobody on the team has had time to seriously dig into that, unfortunately.

Ok, if I am able to make it work how would I be able to share these results? Could I merge it on Github?

Well, I don’t see any reason this cannot be sent as a PR ? At some point, merging will also depend on the changes themselves, of course, but we have nothing against this.