Delete Version; how to also Unsign (Revoke Signing)

For security purpose, I need to revoke signing (unsign) for a deleted version.

I searched documentation and forum, but did not find any specific references.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Mozilla has a block list that can disable an extension after Firefox gets the updated list, but can it limit its effect to a single version? I don’t know.

A block list will not fit this situation, or any typical situation.

On the management page, I see three options; Visibility, Disable, & Delete.

It would seem a reasonable expectation for the delete option to also unsign the deleted version, for the typical purpose of a developer’s requirement to enforce ‘obsolete’ on old versions.

That could be occasionally useful, but the only mechanism to disable an extension already installed in a user’s Firefox is the block list. Typically only extensions determined to be malicious or to violate policy are added to that list. Perhaps developers should have an option to opt in to blocklisting a version of an extension, if it can be limited to a single version. I don’t know whether the blocklist mechanism makes that possible.