Desired evaluation to structure a content page

hi teachers
Make the attached structure the link to verify any error as it presents some doubts that are the following:

  1. Regarding the article and section labels, I am not very clear which of the two to use in these cases, if I put one or the other, will it be ok?
  2. When having a heading with a text, is it necessary to enclose it within a section, article? or does it depend on the structure of the page?
  3. Inside the aside tag in the part of the images, did I enclose it in a necessary section? I was unsure whether to lock him up or not, and decided to do it.
  4. I often get confused which tag to use in each part of the structure, I have reviewed some structure of pages where they use the div a lot. I would like to know currently which tag is better to use semantically, why is this tag still used so badly? or is it just for the theme of css styles?


Hi @valen.ezku. Let me provide you with some answers.

  1. The difference between article and section is subtle, and confusing. We do provide definitions in our article about HTML structure, but it is still difficult. To be honest, in this simple case it doesn’t matter whether you use section or article.
  2. sections and articles are called “sectioning elements” — they wrap a distinct section of the page, which usually includes a heading, and the content under that heading. If you’ve got a more complicated page with subheadings, then you can have child articles and sections too. But you should only use them if you think you really need this complexity of structure.
  3. header, aside, and footer elements are also sectioning elements - when you use them, you don’t also need an article or section element. They do the job on their own just fine.
  4. div elements are basically block level grouping elements with no semantic value. You should only really use a div if you just want to group together some elements for styling purposes, but add no extra semantics. Ideally you should always use a more appropriate semantic element if you can.

now I am much clearer thanks :grinning:

You are welcome; glad to help.