Developing Gaia and running tests on Foxfood device

(Justin Potts) #1

Just got my Foxfood device today. Super psyched.

I’d love to develop on Gaia and work on running some of the Firefox OS automated tests on my device. According to the documentation, I need a build with Marionette enabled. This would require flashing a new build which isn’t allowed per the terms and conditions.

Should this device be used for “normal” purposes as a consumer would use it, or is there a way to enable Developer Mode and get a developer build without breaking the terms and conditions?

(Rabimba) #2

Enable Developer mode (without resetting the build) =yes. Atleast elevating privileges. But getting a different build is a no.

And it is supposed to be used as a normal device…remember that 5page t&c you signed?

(Justin Potts) #3

Ah, did some more digging. Discovered an engineering build is indeed flashed on the device so I don’t need to do anything special on that. Issue solved :slight_smile:

(Nhirata) #4

Justin, great meeting you today. If we meet up again during the week, I’ll
show you some stuff in regards to either making your own build if you want;
or where to find at least the gecko/gaia parts to flash.

(Chiorean Ioana) #5

@Mermi said she is working on this as we speak - maybe will be good to meet her and talk more about it.