Device drop-off, first impressions

I just set up devices tdm8-a and tdm8-b. I took my daughter over to her
friend’s house to do the setup, so they got to unbox together. I’m sure the
logs will show eleventy billion messages from this first impressions
period. There was much delight. And a request for it to be cloud-shaped so
you could have rainbow clouds. Rainbows were the clear favorite.

We just got home and my daughter’s device remembered our network so she is
now communicating for-reals with the remote pair.

Notes for next time: the diary should have a first impressions page for
notes. As we dropped off late in the evening, day 1 will be tomorrow, so
there’s not a clear place to put notes for what they think of now. I’ve
encouraged them to just use day 1’s notes page.

The setup itself was fairly painless. It took a couple tries to get the 2nd
device set up as I was getting the wifi password dictated to me. Once I
handed over my phone and had him enter it it worked straightaway. My
daughter wanted to set up a hotspot on her (iphone 4) and keep the device
online when we drove home, but it never managed to get a connection. I’m
not sure she had an 3g/internet connection at all, probably not the
device’s fault.



I love the cloud shape idea - so genius! Maybe the blue lights could flash with white ones and could vibrate like thunder and lightening? And… maybe we (and by that I mean you, Sam) can make a few cloud enclosures for London! Great feedback about adding “First impressions” page into the diary for future studies.

It’s so gratifying to hear that the girls first impressions are of “delight.” That was always my hope for products/objects under the “smart home” umbrella. I’m also so glad to hear that the girls’ delight has a positive impact on our team - it’s hard to resist the joy of girls in this age bracket :slightly_smiling:

I also very much like the idea of different shape enclosures - shapes that let the lights shine through in different ways. I can imagine a bunch of ways to make this object “customizable” through shapes, colors, light combos in the future!

Joined Mahe and Kate to deliver devices where we met both participants at the the same place. Agree with Sam, rainbow was girls absolute favorite. Setting up WiFi looked simple, at one time both the kids were trying on their respective phone at the same time to set up one device :slight_smile: , interesting use case that we should test more thoroughly.

The form factor sheet with sample pictures got them thinking and helped to reinforce that we would love their inputs in post interview or in diary on what other shape this device can take.


A pair of girls got their devices on different days. One was set up on
Tuesday and the other on Wednesday. After the second device was set up, she
clicked it to see how it works, and was excited getting a response from her
friend immediately.

Another pair of girls already had plans to make secret codes and were
really excited with the diary to jot down the codes. Knowing they have the
freedom to personalize it with stickers, colors etc… girls had a big