Did GPS work for anyone?

(Pavithran) #1

What does it mean in device specs GPS/AGPS ?

How can there be an assisted GPS when there is no 3G slot ? Well the applications simply use the wifi network and finds out where my ISP is and redirects to the place as my location.

I thought maybe keeping it out without the screen turned off would work but it didnt . I had clear visiblity of sky and I did get GPS fix on other devices but not this one.

(A.Ben) #2

there’s no GPS in this specific model because it has no 3G slot but the OS is made for different models and i believe some will have a SIM card and a GPS ship

(Pavithran) #3

Ahh ok so there is really no GPS . The device specs are wrong ?

(Andrew [:feer56] ) #4

Hmmm… Let me verify it. Pinging @asa as well.

(Pavithran) #5

Does anyone know how to get a device list from a firefox os phone/tablet ?

In Linux shells we have programs like lspci , lshw etc

(Mandeep) #6

If you connect the device to a computer with adb installed you can use “adb shell” from a terminal to get a root shell on the tablet, but there’s no equivalent to lshw on it that I know of. lsmod works. busybox lspci would show PCI devices if there were any.

I think there’s a way to show device capabilities through a web app, not sure which one off the top of my head.

(Pavithran) #7

lsmod would only show the loaded kernel modules and I guess yeah thats some kind of info . What did you mean by busybox lspci . Is busybox available ?

(Mandeep) #8

It’s using busybox like most embedded systems but it seems there’s no symlink for lspci and some other commands so they have to be run with “busybox command”

If there’s a WebAPI for GPS checking for hardware capabilities through that might make more sense, but I’m not really familiar with that.

(Asa Dotzler) #9

I’m actually not sure. I just took the specs from the manufacturer.


Tried GPS and it work’s. Flatfish gets position faster than Geeksphone Peak.

I would suggest you to use Calibrate GPS for testing.

(Steve Lee) #11

Thanks for the heads up for Calibrate GPS

(Pavithran) #12

Wow thats a welcome note , I was thinking probably because screen keeps going into screensaver mode fast its not getting GPS coordinates. I remember trying calibrate GPS , lemme try again. :innocent:

(Pavithran) #13

Hurray it works :joy: in less than 2 minutes , it was a clear sky