Discourse cross references not present

(Graham Perrin) #1

Example 1

Firefox Sync failing to sync at least ten exensions refers to
Concern about WebExtensions exclusive strategy from add-on authors and users
but there’s not (or not yet) an automated cross reference
from topic 13310 post 14 to topic 17748 post 4.

Maybe related

Postscript (example 2)

No cross reference from Mozilla Discourse release 2017-08-02 to this topic.

Mozilla Discourse release 2017-08-15
(Leo McArdle) #2

Looks like an update didn’t fix it, last week’s set of release notes didn’t show a link to the latest.

I reckon this is related to ‘discourse.mozilla-community.org’ still appearing as the value of Discourse.BaseUrl. @yousef is it possible we still have that url hanging around somewhere in our app.yml?

(Yousef Alam) #3

yes, it’s entirely possible.

(Yousef Alam) #4

I updated the hostname config to discourse.mozilla.org

(Leo McArdle) #5

Cheers, looks like that fixed it for new posts, and rebaking the above posts make the cross references appear.

I’ll put rebaking all the posts created between our mozilla.org migration and this fix somewhere on my todo list.

(Henrik Mitsch) #6

Niiiiice, thank you very much!