Display of newly received tablet flickers when plugged in for charging

(Cameron McCormack) #1


I just received my tablet yesterday. When I plug it in to charge, the screen shows an odd flickering. Is this normal? Should I leave it in for charging? (I disconnected it just to be safe.)

Here’s a video of the flicker: http://mcc.id.au/temp/flicker.webm.



(Andrew [:feer56] ) #2

Have you tried turning it on to see if it works?

(Cameron McCormack) #3

Pressing the power button doesn’t seem to do anything. But maybe it doesn’t have enough charge to turn on?

(Anton) #4

Try in Settings -> Display -> Uncheck Adjust automatically. That works in
my case.

(Cameron McCormack) #5

The problem is I haven’t yet powered up the tablet. The display does that flickering as soon as I plug in the USB cable, and I haven’t been game enough to leave it plugged in for an extended period of time to see if it is indeed charging.

(Steve Lee) #6

A couple of tablets have had poor display connections causing problems. You could try gently flexing the tablet to see if you get any sort of display.

You could also try another charger and lead, but bear in mind tablets need more power than some phone chargers or PCs can provide.

(Cameron McCormack) #7

Flexing (well, I didn’t flex too hard) had no immediate effect.

But interestingly just now, after having left it plugged in for about 30 seconds, the flickering stopped and then showed the red battery for about two seconds before the display turned off. Pressing the power button briefly then doesn’t do anything, but holding it for a few seconds shows the battery again.

I’m going to leave it plugged in for a while and see how it goes. Fingers crossed!

(Steve Lee) #8

Good plan. With any luck is just weirdness with fully discharged battery. Do keep an eye out for over heating though.

(Cameron McCormack) #9

OK, I think it’s all good now. After leaving it to charge overnight it’s working fine. It must have just been oddness with the battery completely flat. Thanks for your help, everyone!

(Steve Lee) #10


(Veera Manikanta) #11

Hello Everyone,
I couldn’t switch on my tablet.

(Andrew [:feer56] ) #12

Did you see as written in post #7? Try to leave it plugged in but monitor for any issues. It may not turn on right now as the battery may be drained. Give it some time.

(Redpandakid2) #13

Hi I could someone help me my tablet screen keeps flickering it comes to the logo then stays on it for a while but the screen flickers then goes black and keeps repeating

(Andrew [:feer56] ) #14

You are posting on a 2 year old thread. Support for Flatfish is no longer available. From what you’re saying, it’s hard to track down whether or not it could be a hardware or software issue.

You can try to connect with the B2G OS team to see if they can help you. They are on Telegram and possibly IRC.

(Gokaisilver Ts83) #15

i bought a verizon 4g lte eclipise 7 at the orange coast college swap meet on sunday i pluged it in the screan blinks off and on what should i do