Disposable Containers Please?

Hi, I love the privacy features of the containers add-on in Test Pilot. To make it even more private, can I please humbly ask that the developers add a feature to make disposable containers that are created and open whenever you press the new tab or new window button, and get deleted whenever you close said tab or window? The names could be automatically given numbers for names. If it’s the first disposable container/tab open, it would be called “1”, for example. Automatically creating and deleting them will make manually creating and deleting containers a lot easier for the best privacy from disposable containers. Each disposable container’s cookies could even be deleted by closing the disposable container’s tab.



This would be quite useful, for me. I work with AWS and I often log into three or more accounts at the same time. Currently, I’ve got three containers created for this work, but having the ability to quickly allocate a new container for a new task and have it be garbage-collected after I’m done with said task would be fantastic.

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