Do i properly understand the target platform

Hi All,

To have my head cleared around the design of B2G OS platform i have roughly designed this

I wanted to be sure I have properly sum-up the situation here or if i’m totally wrong.



The Gonk/AOSP -> CM part is wrong. Gonk is whatever we keep from Android (be it aosp or cm) like the kernel (albeit with a different config), the HAL layer, etc. and some b2g specific additions (daemons we use to talk to the HAL instead of linking gecko directly to HAL).


So this would look more liked that then ?

More like:


So far we made absolutely no change to the underlying basis of the device: gonk remains unchanged and can still be based on top of AOSP, CAF or CM. CM should work but probably need some love, Adam warned us that staying only on CM 12.1 might bitrot quite fast :/.

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