Do we need Application Storage partition?

I feel #B2GOS don’t need exclusive space for application storage.

  • As packaged apps are removed i think only cache will be used.

  • So, cache & media (photos, videos, music) can share the internal storage space.

  • This could be benefit for users because if some don’t use web browsing that much & likes music more… he will have some space for music files & vice versa.

How is this idea @benfrancis

Is there a bug raised on this ?

I’m not sure exactly what this is measuring. Perhaps a separate partition on the device used for app packages. It’s true we no longer need to store app packages so this feature may be redundant. I don’t think there’s a bug filed for this, no.

Couldn’t Application Storage be implemented as a REST API, perhaps inspired by Dropbox’s ?

I’m wondering if it would be possible to install apps on an external SD Card, do you have information on that topic ? (If not, who can I contact ?)

we don’t have any apps anymore

I mean, for the webapps.

web apps use cache from internal sd afaik

Yes the only storage for web apps is things like IndexedDB and Service Worker caches which are usually stored in your profile on disk. You can’t really store the profile on an external disk because when you remove the disk the device would stop working.

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And I suppose we can’t split it for some apps ?

Anyway I’m not sure this would be useful, as the system is lightweight and webapps are also really lightweight, it will not be an issue for most of the devices.
(Just as a comparison, the 1Go of internal memory on Open C is 97% used by Android, and 27% used by Firefox OS 2.6 - 1 % by the transition build right now ^^)

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seems like i need to elaborate my question a bit more. I have done that

We do need alternative solution to the Device Storage API for media like images, audio and video.

I wonder if we could look to Chrome OS for inspiration here. Or a local WebDAV server…

@benfrancis i filed a bug for this

I’d vote for a local server.

If it’s not a too heavy solution, that could offer some possibilities, :+1: