Docker Gateway: Noble adapter is unauthorized (bluetooth)


I’m running Webthings Gateway on Docker and Rasbian OS, but I can’t get the the bluetooth(?) working. I’m trying to connect to my RuuviTagAdapter. The logs say:

    2021-08-29 11:32:09.842 INFO   : ruuvitag-adapter: noble warning: adapter state unauthorized, please run as root or with sudo
    2021-08-29 11:32:09.843 INFO   : ruuvitag-adapter:                or see README for information on running without root/sudo:
    2021-08-29 11:32:09.844 INFO   : ruuvitag-adapter:      
    2021-08-29 11:32:09.845 INFO   : ruuvitag-adapter: Noble adapter is unauthorized

I have followed instructions give in here when installed the container and disabled bluetooth.service and running the container with --privileged.

Any suggestions how to authorize the adapter? Has anybody got the RuuviTag work inside container?