Documentation Status: how to follow the progress, what need to be documented / translated,

Hello all B2Geeks :slight_smile:

I was thinking that sharing this link might be useful for everyone wanting to help for the documentation:
This page show some information like the number of pages waiting for review, the number of translation (included the outdated ones).

Don’t forget that we track the task TODO on this github repo (feel free to subscribe to the documentation category).
The translation task are also listed here (follow translation category).

I hope this will help everyone having a good overview of MDN progress, and how you can help to improve our documentation :slight_smile:

Right now there is a lot of pages waiting for technical review. If experienced users could take a look at some of them, it would be great ! :wink:
(don’t forget to check if the page is still relevant, or if we should archive / remove it - and if so, remove the technical review please ;))

I also would like to welcome everyone who find an issue in the doc, something missing or unclear, to fix it :wink:
Making a simple change might help a lot other users, an it’s really easy do to it :slight_smile:
For instance, if you ask a question (here, on IRC/telegram, …) and receive an useful answer, please add it to to MDN - you will keep it somewhere (in case you forget it) and the other contributors will benefits of your improvement :wink:

For the translation, please subscribe also to the English version - in order to get noticed when it is updated.

Happy contributions ! :slight_smile:

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