Does anyone got a good result when training the Common Voice data set?

(jackhuang) #1

I use the Command:
./ --train_files ./data/CV/cv-valid-train.csv --dev_files ./data/CV/cv-valid-dev.csv --test_files ./data/CV/cv-valid-test.csv --checkpoint_dir ../checkPoint512-45/ --export_dir ./export_model/ --n_hidden 512 --epoch 30 --validation_step 2 --train_batch_size 45 --dev_batch_size 15 --test_batch_size 5
, in which I use 512 hidden units, and only use the cv-valid-train.csv file as the training set.
The training process early stops at the epoch 17.
But the result is not very good:
WER: 0.408375, loss: 33.786406912, mean edit distance: 0.223059

Does anyone get a better result? Could you give me some advice on tuning parameters?