DOM Mutation Breakpoints

(Mark) #1

One feature I often use in Chrome Inspector which I wish the Developer Tools also had is the ability to set JavaScript breakpoints which are triggered when a DOM Mutation Event is triggered. Chrome has also added the ability to break on any DOM event (not just mutations), but that’s of lesser importance to me.

Thanks and keep up the great work! :slight_smile:

(Sebastian Zartner) #2

I’d love to see that finally happen! This is a long-standing request for this in and one of my personally most missed features.


(Patrick Brosset) #3

I’d love to have this in too. It’s definitely part of the backlog of features we would like to get to at some stage in the future. It hasn’t been planned yet.
However we’ve started to work on similar features:

  • breaking on XHR/network requests
  • breaking on DOM events

So, let’s hope that we can prioritize breaking on DOM mutations next!