Don't switch off the server - keep the sharing feature

I read somewhere that it is planned to phase out the upload/screenshot server/sharing part of this whole addon. Please keep it, as sharing screens simply and quickly via a link is for me the best part. (thanks for the other great features as well, though)


Just a note that I’ve used Dropbox (which has a free tier) to do exactly this. You can capture screenshots to a folder, but you also get a link to that shot added to your paste buffer so you can quickly send.

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I absolutely agree! I use this all the time for example to share clips for job applications for articles that are otherwise behind a paywall. The fact that it is a Firefox URL made it seem more legitimate than just some random image. Please reconsider this. It’s also easier to share on social media. The people upset about the sharing button issue may be vocal, but I was never confused and I really appreciated this option. I welcomed the fact that I did not have to download to my computer and this seems so counterproductive after only just linking screenshots to the Firefox sync/username.

I agree, I love having the online screenshot tool, it’s also very useful for forums where they only allow pasting of a URL to show images.

Yeah I think its really lame to add the feature only to take it away in June. Not even offering a paid solution seems like a really dumb idea too. Can’t even pay for this? Just built it for nothing I guess.