Due dates on JIRA


I wanted to let you guys know how I use due dates on JIRA. I don’t use them for the date everything in the issue needs to be due, I use them as the date that the next action needs to be taken.

So in one of my issues I had to email someone. I’ve set the due date to be one week from today so that if I don’t hear back from them, it will remind me that I need to make another attempt to get a hold of them.

If we find we also need a way to denote a hard deadline, there are plenty of ways to do it right now, like using a label or the whiteboard, or we can also create a custom field and have two different due dates. I think most of the time there will be a sprint or a parent epic that holds the hard deadline. It’s important for the next action due date to be a date field so that it is searchable, sortable and automatic reminders can be sent.

(Michael Buluma) #2

Nice approach Kensie