E-mail tabs v/ Firefox Notes

(sknorr) #1

This is the thing that immediately popped into my mind when I saw Email Tabs …
I often use Firefox Notes to share links between phone and desktop and I feel the workflow is very suboptimal right now. Part of the reason is that URLs are not automatically linked right now which is especially annoying on mobile.

But the creation process is also not ideal. So, would it be an option to build something that just creates a Firefox note from a tab? E.g. on desktop, within the sidebar, a new button under “+ New Note” that says “+ New Note from Current Tab”…? And then, in the new note, you’d essentially get the current URL at the top + a field for comments below.

[Also, side note: Forcing two-factor authentication aka “two-factor lockout” on me when trying to authenticate with my Firefox account for using this forum is not cool. Please consider relaxing this security guideline.]