Email address for Test Pilot & experiments testing requests

(Paul Oiegas) #1

Hi everyone,

To ease the communication between Development teams and QA,we have
created a new alias "" for Test Pilot related
testing requests and questions. This includes all the Softvision
Engineering QA team members
that are testing on Test Pilot & experiments.
Here is the full list:
Paul Oiegas*(* - Team Lead + QA for Test
Pilot and also helping on several more
*Vlad Bacia **(* - QA for Activity Stream and
Min Vid
Ciprian Muresan ( - QA for Min Vid,
Activity Stream and Tab Center
*Cosmin Muntean **(* - QA for Test Pilot
and Screenshots
*Emil Pasca **(* - QA for Snooze Tabs and
*Carmen Fat *( - QA for Tab Center and
Snooze Tabs

Please start using the above mentioned email address for any testing
requests. This way we can assure that none of the requests are missed by
our team and that builds or urgent fixes are tested as fast as possible.
And of course, will also avoid cases when you guys are not sure who to
ask for this kind of tasks.