Email Policy

(Tom Farrow) #1

We need this. It’s blocking me from mentoring people and it’s going to block bugs

@Kensie @mrz review?

Only thing that doesn’t make sense to me is Kensie and Leo making super-admin decisions in the interim. I think that Kensie and mrz should make these intermin module decisions, since they are acting as the interim module owners :wink:

(Leo McArdle) #2

Kudos to @tanner for driving this forward, and doing almost all of the work drafting it.

I think the idea was that I was a disinterested party. But, yes, I agree that it would make sense for the same group of people approving this to be approving policy.

(Tom Farrow) #3

Another thing I should probably add is that I’ve created a role with all permissions that aren’t related to security, billing and relationship with Google.

Makes sense that anybody that is working on Google Apps but isn’t a core leader/experienced admin on Google Apps has that role

(Leo McArdle) #4

I doubt that for all permissions it’s clear whether they fit this definition or not. Therefore, shouldn’t the permissions which that role is endowed with be verified by someone else?

(Tom Farrow) #5

It seems to be extremely clear.

Someone to test would be appreciated though. I just need someone (like you, @leo!) to assign the not-so-super admin group to, click a few buttons and send me a screenshot of what you see.


What super-admin decisions?

(Tom Farrow) #7

Deciding if someone can be a super admin


We didn’t make any such decisions.

The default state is that someone does not have super-admin status. There were people who had the status, but no decisions had been made and so we were correcting the status back to default.

You’re the one who made decisions without a process.

(Tom Farrow) #9


I never implied you did

This is a proposal to implement a policy.


Yes you did, it’s in your first post, and when I asked “what decisions” you meant we were making, you had an answer :-p

(Tom Farrow) #11


Read the policy. I was referring to what the policy says.

I was answering with the impression you were asking what decisions you’d be


Can you file this in JIRA and link it back here so it doesn’t fall off radar?