Enable add-on Web Signer


I’m creating this topic because the add-on Web Signer of the company (Softplan) that I work was disabled by Mozilla, we would like to know why this happen. this will impact thousands of users that use our systems in Brazil. Is it possible to enable this add-on again?

Do you mean recently again, or an older block? This is what I found referring to April 21, 2020:


If it was something more recent, maybe the person who owns the account associated with the add-on listing can find some kind of message about it in the status/versions area of the My Add-ons?

When I click in status and versions show the message “We’re sorry, but we can’t find what you’re looking for”. We would like to send another version, but when we do that it says that the ID is being used. How can we update the version to use the same ID?

If it is listed on My Add-ons, there should be a New Version link where you can update a new version of the extension. Note that you do need to increment the version number in your manifest, you can’t replace an existing version.

The add-on is listed in My Add-ons, but all the links that appear, like Manage status & versions, always ends up in the page that says: " We’re sorry, but we can’t find what you’re looking for.", and we are unable to do anything with this add-on. Who can correct those links for us, to make it possible for us to update the add-on with a newer version?

I discovered why I’m not able to update, the add-on was blocked recently


Thanks for the help.

Oh, sorry, I didn’t realize my link to an older page had the wrong extension id (web-signer instead of websigner).

No problem, thanks again for the help.