Enabling Adapter by default


I see after this commit on the master branch, the functionality for enabling the adapters by default has been removed. Is there a change in approach for enabling them on boot time? @mrstegeman @benfrancis

I also see the introduction of manifest.json but couldn’t find much information regarding the implementation, the adapter packaging, and information regarding the working of the same.

Currently, in the master branch, none of the adapters get enabled by default.

Abhijit Nathwani

This PR should restore the old functionality.

Generally speaking, though, add-ons need to be enabled through the UI. As always, that settings is remembered acriss restarts,

As for the new manifest format, it’s a work in progress. The spec can be found here, but support for it is rolling out across various pieces of our infrastructure gradually. For 0.10, at least, the old package.json format will still be supported.

Thanks for update @mrstegeman. The PR didn’t fully address the issue. I have fixed it in the PR .
This PR also fixes an issue where the add-on will be loaded after an update, as per the saved settings.