Energy Meter - Pulse Power Meter - Webthings @Type

I’m using the Pulse Power Meter from MySensors - which counts the led impulses from the Grid Power Meter export led. Given these are whenever a 1kw is imported. The webthings adapter for mysensors (candle) pushes to Webthings.

I’m looking for a @type and associated icon png for a Power Meter. I’m keen to show the icon on the ‘Things page’ as a meter similar to the thermometer for my temperature readings. At the moment it displays “Thing” and I need to click on the splash to get the value.

The metrics coming through are Watts (InstantaneousPowerProperty) and kwh as (number).

Is there a type called EnergyMeter or PowerMeter that could display display a nice grid power meter graphic - or even a meter icon would do …

“title”: “Energy Meter”
@context”: “”,
@type”: [],
“actions”: {},
“base”: “”,
“description”: “Energy Meter”,
“events”: {},

“properties”: {
“81-0-17”: {
@type”: “InstantaneousPowerProperty”,
“label”: “Power 2”,
“links”: [
“href”: “/things/MySensors-81/properties/81-0-17”,
“rel”: “property”
“multipleOf”: 0.01,
“name”: “81-0-17”,
“readOnly”: true,
“title”: “Power 2”,
“type”: “number”,
“unit”: “watt”,
“value”: 916,

You’ll want to use EnergyMonitor.

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Thank you for the quick reply - I’ll give it a go and report back

PS: I’m testing out the Kafka Bridge adapter - think this would be a way of loading up to a data lake for long term storage and power analysis away from the monitoring systems