Error downloading my accepted addon

(Ionel Alexandru) #1


After my addon have been accepted and I tried to install. But I have this message:
Error downloading
My addon is: FMath ‘HTML + MathML’ Solution
The package is aprox: 40M. Could be that a problem ?

I tried to upload a new version but the same error message.
thank you

(erosman) #2

Please include the link to your addon.

(Ionel Alexandru) #3

Here is the link:

Also it is easy to search by ‘MathML’

thank you

(erosman) #4

It could be its size but I don’t have access to the logs.

@jorgev would know more.

(Jorge) #5

The issue isn’t the file size, but the add-on ID. I reported this issue:

Please delete this listing and resubmit using one of the supported ID formats.

(Ionel Alexandru) #6


Good solution. I solved the problem.
thank you.

(Jorge) #7

@Ionel_Alexandru do you happen to have the XPI file you originally uploaded, or a copy of the manifest file you used? We’re trying to figure out what went wrong in the Github issue.

(Ionel Alexandru) #8


“name”: “FMath ‘HTML + MathML’ Solution”,
“description”: “HTML + MATHML + this extension. Draw/Convert MathML into an image. More info, questions or bug report on”,
“version”: “1.3.5”,
“permissions”: [ “tabs”, “\u003Call_urls>”, “contextMenus”],
“content_scripts”: [
“matches”: [
“css” : [“formula.css”,“menu/basicContext.min.css”, “menu/default.min.css”, “menu/basicModal.min.css”],
“js”: [“fonts/fmathFormulaFonts.js”, “fmathFormulaC.js”, “menu/basicContext.min.js”, “menu/basicModal.min.js”, “content.js”],
“run_at”: “document_end”,
“all_frames”: true
“browser_action”: {
“default_icon”: “FMathEditor.png”
“icons”: {
“16”: “16.png”,
“48”: “48.png”,
“128”: “128.png”
“background”: {
“scripts”: [“background.js”]

"web_accessible_resources": [


(Jorge) #10

I mean the one that caused the error. The one you just posted doesn’t have the application section.

(Ionel Alexandru) #11

It is only this component I tried to post.
I think it was posted to extensions not to add-on.

thank you