Everspring ST812-1 flood detector

Hi guys,

I’m new to Zwave and have been looking at the above to monitor the level of my pond. However it triggers when it’s sensor gets covered in water but I was wondering , someone mentioned Zwave has an OR state. So it can work when it’s sensor is in water Or it’s not ( when the water level drops)

So my question is, can something like this work the opposite way it should, reverse logic if you get my drift.

If so how does it work. Unless there’s another way of doing this.

Thanks in advance :+1:

The device appears to be a binary sensor. When water is detected it sends and alarm and when it subsides another alarm is sent. Assume that the state of the binary sensor is either 0 (no water) or 1 (water). I do not know enough to comment more or if the GW supports the alarms it sends. If it does you should be able to write rules that trigger on these state changes…

Here is the PDF. May be someone else can comment:

Hi Eric, thanks for taking time to reply, it’s appreciated. That makes sense actually. But would be good if it does . It’s a steep learning curve, but very interesting too

Thanks again.
PS. tomorrow my CC2531 Zigbee2MQTT stick arrived which I’m going to try out with some IKEA Zigbee devices. If it works I’ll let the forum know as the cost of the IKEA items were very cheap…:+1: