Experia Z3 not functioning as expected

(Wanjaustev) #1

I have the Experia Z3 which I received from Mozilla and I expected it would be pre-loaded with a functioning build meant for Foxfooding. After I turned on the device I found it unusable because when I touch on an app it takes me to another app and when I touch on new app on my screen it takes me to another app and so on and so forth. I can’t see the menu,I can’t save a contact and even simple things like sending an SMS

The web pages I see when I happen to land on the browser seem to be screenshots and not real time web pages. When I tap the camera only one image of a child biting a fruit and nothing more.
Anyone here knows how to fix that?


Very strange! Are you able to get into the settings at all? I haven’t heard of this before, but then I wouldn’t have. Perhaps @nhirata has heard of this.

(Marcia) #3

Where did you get the device (which event?), and what is the Build ID that is listed in Device Information | More information?

Hard to say what happened - it sounds as if there is some issue with Gaia. Knowing the BuildID will help.

(Rabimba) #4

Also…I thought all the foxfooding devices were Z3C. And Z3 were reserved for employees.

(Wanjaustev) #5

Thanks you all for the replies. Yes it is the Z3 Compact - sorry about that misinformation. I received the device from @bking in SIngapore.No I am not able to get to the settings at all. I can’t even tell the build of the FXOS the device has. I have uploaded a small video on Bugzilla 1244497 of what happens when I try to use the device by tapping on the different apps (I really suspect they are even apps since upon touching say the Vine icon, it leads me to what appears to he a bbc website screenshot and on touching on that it leads me to the NYTimes screenshot and on touching that it leads me to the camera which has one image that doesn’t change).
Yes it seems to be a gaia problem from my previous experience with the flame and other FxOS devices.

(Rabimba) #6

From the video what I see. If that is the first and only page you are getting…it seems to me not the OS but a prototyping app/screen deployed…

And you are not the first one who showed this to me and who got a Foxfooding phone in Singapore…

(Wanjaustev) #7

Seems like it.

What could be the fix to get the gadget operational with the Foxfooding build?

Also, the power off button is not giving me the power off/restart/Airplane menu as I would expect I have to use that button near the SIM to switch off the phone.

(Rabimba) #8

I really don’t know how you can get it back into a foxfooding build. Since I have no idea where to actually get the untouched foxfooding built that the device initially comes with.
However I can help you mimic the build and get you up and running with a community fxp build and separately install foxfooding app.

But this, I’m quite sure against all the 5 page T&C we signed. So I’ll leave that up with @bking and others if that way is acceptable.

Caution: It involves of course flashing the phone. And i might have to install android as an intermediary step to upgrade/change the boot loader if something on the above way bricks the phone. To of course get it back again in fxp FirefoxOS.

(Nhirata) #9

As far as I know full flashing (reflashing of the system/recovery
partition) of any other builds other than the given build is against the

I think this would bring about a bigger discussion of what is the
acceptable way of bringing it back and more over what the direction of the
foxfooding program should be.

(Rabimba) #10

Hence I did the disclaimer on my previous post

(Wanjaustev) #11

Thanks @rabimba and @nhirata for chiming in here. I think the only option is to reflash the phone with the Foxfooding build but before that is done I think it is paramount and in order to ask @bking or @williamq for their word if there is a better way to handle this. Until then I won’t handle the phone in a way that contravenes the T and Cs I signed as @rabimba has reiterated .

Another Mozillian also commented in the bug 1244497 that the phone appears to be loaded with something else and not the foxfooding OS.

Once again thank you.

(Manraj Singh Grover) #12

Even I’m facing exact same issue. I had shared some photos in the mail few days back with @bking before stumbling on this thread. Hope to see it get resolved.

(Nhirata) #13

What is your channel set to?

(Wanjaustev) #14

There is no way I can tell since I can’t access the settings menu on the phone. This is the only method I know of.

Are you aware of any other way to tell the channel?

(Nhirata) #15

do you have adb access?

(Rabimba) #16

I know hence I said

Anyway. no way out of it yet. Will wait to see what reply comes in. I am happy to help if that is allowed. Or if a better help is on the way :smile:

(Wanjaustev) #17

Yes I have adb access the device appears on adb devices.