Experia Z3 stuck on boot mode

(Michael Buluma) #1

My device decided to reboot itself while i was using it. Repeated the Fox part for minutes and won’t proceed past the Firefox OS logo.

I’m unable to switch it off or anything. I’ve tried removing the sim card hoping it will force a reboot but that didn’t work.

Being my primary device, I’m a little frustrated. Any help on this?

(Julien Wajsberg) #2

To switch it off, you can long press the power + vol up + vol down buttons.

(Michael Buluma) #3

I was able to switch off. Powering it back on goes into the same issue -> the First Firefox OS with the Fox which keeps flickering.

(Rabimba) #4

Any last changes you did that you remember?

(Michael Buluma) #5

Hi @rabimba. I actually figured it out. I enabled developer mode on Loqui IM and this created numerous log files of about 1.2MB each which filled up the internal memory and brought about the whole issue.

I deleted these files and everything went back to normal. Two days in and I’ve not had any challenges.

(Nhirata) #6

That’s good to know. Thanks for sharing!