Export tab list from iOS to desktop

Hey, Mozillans!

I have a tab problem. I have hundreds to thousands of tabs open on all the devices I have. I’m aware that the best policy is to not have this problem in the first place, but I do have it currently and am working towards getting it under control.

These tabs are fairly easy to wrangle on desktop due to add-ons and more features such as group tab operations (group close, group bookmark, etc.). My ultimate goal would be exporting all tabs from iOS to a desktop system so I can use those advanced features.

I was previously able to do this through opening all synced tabs from one device on another device via the Synced Tabs sidebar. My iOS device is paired via Sync, but I can’t view the tabs on the device from my other devices for some reason. Perhaps I surpassed some hard limit of how many tabs I can sync? Bookmarks are synced, though.

Therefore, I was wondering if there was:

  • group bookmarking capabilities in Firefox for iOS as there is in Safari
  • any place within the iOS file system where a list of open tabs was stored, such as an XML file that I could extract via a desktop file browser and later parse

Any help on this would be much appreciated!