Fairphone 2 build

(Lissyx) #161

As I said above, it gets you a screenshot in screen.png so we can see.


ok i found this one in my home folder…
better experience can give the video i made and attached to the poste above…

(Lissyx) #163

Ok, that really looks to happen when playing with window, so it is possible
that the errors I saw would be consistent. We really someone else to try
and reproduce this on another device with the same gecko/gaia as you, though


Hi Atilag
I hit a error regarding your pull request from last week. You told me that this line hast o be changed:

That looks exatly like that on my side now.

I think this works quite well because i get that file now exactly like that and not as before with system/ in front…

But me and lissyx sorted out that the blobs-toinject.txt now looks different.
This is how it was before:


and now:


Lissyx explaned me frendly that that is a source:destination list. And i tried to find where it is glued together but i can’t find where. I don’t whant you to solve it. But if you wold be so frendly to point me to the file that glues the two lits together it wold help me a lot…
Regards, Novski

(M Ducorps) #165

Hi All,

Don’t know if it’s still relevant but I think i have the same behaviour as @Novski on emulator, after logging and swiping the first screen, I can’t do anything no icone at all.

For more details logcat available here:


Off topic
And I have a adb server connection refused for this workaround is :

$adb kill-server
$adb start-server



i was able to solve that by switching the branch from kanikani to master. In my codebase its in the folder ./repo/manifests/base.xml there is one line of code called gaia and there the revision part has to be master…