Fairphone 2 support for B2G-Installer, landed!

Hi there!
I have landed the support for Fairphone2 on B2G-Installer, so basically anyone with a FP2 who meets the following requirements could flash latests v2.6 seamessly (Warning: NO B2G Transition branches!):

  • Having a Fairphone-Android-based-flavor previously installed
  • Being cool (this is supposed as you bought a FP2!)

As the version I built is based on latests (4 days ago) Mozilla-Central sources and Gaia, please remind that is a development branch so bugs are expected!


Great news !
Now let’s tackle the B2G port :smiley:

I love the 2nd requirements :smile:

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It is very interesting. What about B2G branches? :slightly_smiling:

@jgomez, you work is really useful, if you can tackle the B2G transition branches too, it would be great.

If you know other fairphone 2 users that could help you building or testing the builds, I encourage you to contact them and to gather in this topic some report about your efforts, ask question in case of trouble, and so on.
It would be great to have a support of Fairphone 2, it’s a really good phone ! :slightly_smiling: (with cool owners :wink:)

Hi Juan
I uploaded the buildlogs to the bugzilla thread.

I don’t whant to stress you, just be sure you have noticed…
Thanks, Novski

Il just add this link to the Topic in the Fairphone Forum… Novski

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Cool thanks :slightly_smiling:
This forum post highlight some issues with the documentation, that is no clear enough.
I will note that in the doc’ thread.

(I reply to myself, schizophrenic mode :smile:)
I edited it a bit, I hope it’s clear now.

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assumed i have no skills.
what wold you sugest to do to get fastforward on debuging on my B2G on Fairphone2?

Any Links? Topics to read or Tags to google?

:grin: just assuming… :sunglasses:

Hi, im back with good news. I built a new blobfree version of B2G and tested it on all available versions of Offical Fairphone OS. It works. So now i wold like to make it availabe to others. But I have some quetions to the process of making it available throug the B2G-installer. I read this:

Is this correctly done?

  1. I have forked it: novski/b2g-installer-builds
  2. I have filed a bug: id=1285793
  3. The builds.json is already augumented with the Device and Product name from @jgomez

1 . Wich file do i have to upload to a “url” given in builds.json? Is it this:

  • B2G/out/target/product/FP2/FP2.blobfree-dist.zip?

2 . i do not understand the meaning of this following line:
ro.build.display.id”: [“r4275.1_FP2_gms43_1.2.8” ]?
-it seams to be the Build-Number i see in the settings of Android. But does that mean it will only install if this Build-Number matches the one on the Device to flash? There are several ones since it is heavely developed in the past 4 Months. I wold like to make it available to all those verions. I have also tested it on all Versions. But maybe it also doesn’t make sense, then please correct me…

3 . what does “PR” mean?

Send a PR on Github, attach it to the bug you created and ask for review :gerard-majax.

Thanks, Novski

Yes, it is this file! We can even host it on our b2g-installer repo if you give it to me :slight_smile:

So this field in the JSON file lists all the upstream Android releases we can get blobs from. So you are right, you should list ALL the Android releases from Fairphone that works.

It means that you need to ensure all the builds listed here works. We are reusing the blobs (non free/non redistribuable components), and it might be possible there are incompatibilities. I would recommend that you test only the latest update available, and we can always point people to upgrae their phone before flashing.

If you have a device with a build that is not listed, and you plug it in the addon, it will not be listed/detected.

PR means you do the needed changes to builds.json, and push it to a branch, then open a pull request on Github. Please refer to Github’s doc for this.

Also, please test your PR by changing the builds.json URL pref: this is handled at https://github.com/mozilla-b2g/b2g-installer/blob/master/about.js#L41 so you just have to open |about:config| in your firefox , create a new string pref named extensions.b2g-installer@mozilla.org.builds and set the value to your PR’s json file (the file, and not a link to the github page, otherwise it will fail).

Once your have changed that pref and restarted your firefox, plugging your Fairphone2 with a supported Android build you should be offered to flash B2G with your ROM :slight_smile:


I have done that part but it doesn’t recognize the phone.
my phone has Build-Number: r4275.1_FP2_gms56_1.4.2
This is the link i have as string Value: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/novski/b2g-installer-builds/a1aa2208540033bf4427894b6354fbdbea51f800/builds.json
of Preference Name: extensions.b2g-installer@mozilla.org.builds

I have separated the different Build-Versions by coma as i have seen in other .id lines like that: “ro.build.display.id”: [ “r4275.1_FP2_gms43_1.2.8”, “r4275.1_FP2_gms56_1.4.2”, “r4275.1_FP2_gms59_1.5.1” ]

Is that wrong?

No, that looks correct. Can you check JS Console? It’s available from CTRL+Shift+J

I reversed my Build-Number to the 1.2.8 that version was accepted by the previous Builds.json version from juan. And then I reset the value. Like that it recognizes it and brings up the select step in b2g-installer. But setting the value back zu my builds.json it doesn’t recognize the phone again. So it has to be my builds.json but i can’t say whats wrong…
This is from Build-Number 1.4.2 where it doesn’t recognize

And this is from 1.2.8 where i have reset the value to test.

And then again with my builds.json and Version 1.2.8:

i have just seen the bugzilla reply.
I will have a look and solve it this evening…

Yes, the error in your console is consistent with the broken builds.json because of the missing comma :slight_smile:

I now tested the full workflow of flashing a blobfree build to the FP2 and have to say it doen’t work yet.
The device doesn’t start up. It stucks in the boot proces. So i even get a window saying that the device got successfuly flashed. I can click ok. and then get back to the normal view of b2g-installer. But the device reboots and stucks in the bootloader screen. I tried 3 different versions of Fairphone OS.
So it seams to me that the extraction of the blobs doesn’t work for FP2.
Howcome the ./flash.sh works in the console but not in b2g-installer? Does it follow a different workflow?

Yes, the workflow is different. Please read the docs about it.

There are images kept in /tmp/b2g-installer/DEVICE/images/, you should try to fastboot flash them. If it works, then the images are good and there is only a problem at flash time. We need logs to make sure.

I don’t have a Fairphone 2 so I cannot help. Your description would point to either a wrong boot partition (can happen is there is missing dt.img that is required), or incomplete flash: it has been reported issues with some USB ports in some cases.

Thanks for the Reply.

I don’t now where to find this. Whats befor ___/tmp/b2g-installer/DEVICE/images/?

I tryed the nightly version from juan gomez and that works. Its FXOS

How can i log in b2g-installer?
i didn’t find any help on this site B2G_installer_add-on#Adding_new_device_support
is there more information elseware?