Feature proposition : add badge if code of addon-on is opensource

Sometimes I prefer an add-on that is opensource on github or other.
A badge like the “recommended”, “reviewed”, etc cloud be helpful for those who search just that…

Sadly, there is no guarantee that author uploaded the same version to the store. And even if it is the same, a minified file may appear out of nowhere from a new owner, like with Nano Defender which was sold to a 3rd party.

It’s important that you trust the author of the addon, but that can be hard to tell.
I wonder what will Google do with their upcoming badges:

An f-droid style model (where the store builds from source & signs) would be extremely cool, but also clearly out of scope for anything AMO would provide.

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Actually this sounds like a great idea and maybe not that hard to do at all:

  • user would provide link to repository
  • it would automatically disable manual file release
  • it would monitor changes and automatically release every new push to the master that has a new version number (or some other way, I’m sure there is some good mechanism for tracking new releases)
  • the build system could run some npm i followed by npm run build_addon (or use some built-in github feature)
  • it would give addon a new badge “Built from Open-source
  • the end!

Sounds like a job for one skilled developer for a few weeks.
The main problem, how to “sell” this to the management here :frowning:.