[Feature Request] Closing tabs that've moved to side view, and Reader Mode

Hey there! :wave:

Firstly, I apologize if this is the wrong place to post. I just installed the Side View extension via the TP program. While I love the idea, and the extension is really stable, I think that 2 features can take this to the next level.

First, I think that you should add a feature where tabs open in Side View ‘move’ to side view. What this means is that the tab closes from the main window, and only exists in side view. I often browse 2 articles, or an article and a video at the same time, and its pretty annoying to first close the side view, and then close the same site’s tab as well.

Second, it would be awesome if we could get reader mode in side view. Reading a bare article while say watching a YouTube video, or in the middle of a Hangouts Meet call is the dream. While mobile site is fine, Reader Mode will be next level.

Please let me know if you need any more information, and once again, I apologize if this was the incorrect place to post this.



Hiya @yashendra2797 it’s been a little while since you posted this question so I thought to jump in. As Side View is a rapid iteration Test Pilot product it might be tremendously helpful to its engineers to have this type of question posed in their Github repo: https://github.com/mozilla/side-view/issues

I sense the team might be quite small, so this will help them track issues in the one place.

Hey @david_ross

I’m currently traveling and have limited access to good internet. It’s exactly 01:30 AM. I have snoozed this mail to when I wake up so that I remember to act on this.

Thanks a lot for the information. I’ll be sure to post this in the repo ASAP. I wasn’t aware that the repo even existed, else I would have posted there directly.

Hope I wasn’t too much of a bother. xD