Feature Request: Draw over Screenshots

(Haley) #1

It would be great to be able to highlight, write/draw over, over, circle, etc. our screenshots the same way this can be done in Evernote.

(supernaturally) #2

I completely agree, this would be a total game changer. I hope the Mozilla team is listening on this.

For work, we use this plugin extensively:

It has literally changed the way we do business - we’re able to markup and comment on screenshots that we take inside the browser. We ditched OSX Grab for this plugin, and I can say that we would switch to Firefox as a our default browser if this feature was native. In fact, I think Firefox could do a better job than Awesome Screenshot plugin by allowing for larger font sizes and shapes, which is often an issue as we use high resolution screens at work.

(Clouserw) #3

We’re working on annotations right now. You can view progress at https://github.com/mozilla-services/screenshots/issues/1849