Feature Request: Draw over Screenshots

It would be great to be able to highlight, write/draw over, over, circle, etc. our screenshots the same way this can be done in Evernote.


I completely agree, this would be a total game changer. I hope the Mozilla team is listening on this.

For work, we use this plugin extensively:

It has literally changed the way we do business - we’re able to markup and comment on screenshots that we take inside the browser. We ditched OSX Grab for this plugin, and I can say that we would switch to Firefox as a our default browser if this feature was native. In fact, I think Firefox could do a better job than Awesome Screenshot plugin by allowing for larger font sizes and shapes, which is often an issue as we use high resolution screens at work.

We’re working on annotations right now. You can view progress at https://github.com/mozilla-services/screenshots/issues/1849

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@clouserw What happend to all these features? :’-(