[Feature Request] Minimize Side View or push to one side

I’ve been using this nifty little tool as a split-screen for my WhatsApp Web tab. While this has been mostly a I’d however like to have an option to minimize this side view window or push it to the side when I don’t need it in my view. The current method to get the side view out of my focus is to simply close it, but doing so inevitable reloads a tab when the side view is opened again. Therefore, a button to minimize this would be pretty handy in my opinion.

Hi @praveenramanujam0911 this sounds like a helpful suggestion! As this is a very early test product (as all Test Pilots are) , it might be helpful to share this feature request over in the project’s repo. The team is quite small and won’t have much time to check all our comms channels.

Hello @david_ross, I posted the suggestion here since this was the link that opened when I clicked “Give feedback”. But, thank you for pointing me to the repo. I’ll post the same there as well.

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