Feedback - 1. Copy Image (not link to image) 2. Add custom shortcut to activate screenshot command

(Ayush Pandey) #1
  1. I’d suggest it would be great if after the screenshot is taken, you could get the image copied to the clipboard not a link to the image (or atleast have an option to change this setting)

  2. Also, it would be great to have Ubuntu like shortcut for screenshot such as - Ctrl + Shift + PrntScrn which starts the screenshot command on Firefox!


(李立峰) #2

+1 keyboard shortcut. But please consider not using the PrntScrn key, as that key is not available on my Microsoft Surface’s Type Cover.

(Clouserw) #3

Hi. Thanks for the suggestions.

  1. A button to copy directly to the clipboard has landed in Firefox Nightly. It’s expected to ship with Firefox 59

  2. A keyboard shortcut would be great, but it’s tough because there are so many languages, keyboard layouts, and already-used keys. You can track progress on that at

Too dificult to use