Feedback - 17th Fórum Internacional Software Livre

(Geraldo Barros) #1

Hello everyone!

The 17th Fórum Internacional Software Livre was a great success for the community! The event united communities of software livre, people and knowledge about free software, has improved empathy of many members of our community, more engagement of volunteers, allowed us to develop many activities Mozilla and have incredible results!

Come on, our results were amazing are:
Metric #1: People involved in a conversation/interaction during the event
Goal #1: 500
Actual outcome #1: 2.362
People involved in all our activities: campaigns, activities in the community table, quiz and games between communities, lightning talks.

Metric #2: People who attended our talk(s)
Goal #2: 500
Actual outcome #2: 798
People who attended our lectures in the area of community and Mozilla auditorium.

Metric #3: Press/blog articles generated
Goal #3: 20
Actual outcome #3: 20
Links for all blogposts generated:

Metric #4: Social media impressions
Goal #4: 50.000
Actual outcome #4: 61.663
Facebook: 49.316; Twitter: 11.871; Instagram (likes): 476.
Links to screenshots of the results in the dashboard of social networks:

Metric #5: MDN articles translated
Goal #5: 5
Actual outcome #5: 7

Metric #8: FISL Playbook (first)
Goal #8: 1
Actual outcome #8: 1

Metric #9: Mozillians developing activities
Goal #8: 9
Actual outcome #8: 11

We create awesome FISL Playbook, this document provides tips, best practices and step by step to organization Mozilla presence at FISL is based on all my experience with the organization of the event, we will add more information and updates soon.
FISL Playbook:

We have many photos and blogposts!
Flickr Album “Mozilla no FISL17”:
Many blogposts and many will still be created:

But we have some blogposts releases complete daily activities:

We have more details on the metrics on the event page:

All information about the logistics, organization of the event and meetings were documented openly in the wiki:

Many thanks to all Mozilla Reps team for supporting us!

Geraldo Barros and Cynthia Zanoni,
on behalf of all super heroes Mozilla on Brasil at FISL17


(Cynthia Zanoni) #2


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