Feedback on a draft Mission and Vision Statement

(Clouserw) #1


Below is a draft mission and vision statement (thanks to John and Sharon for their help so far). I wanted to share it with the team and ask for any feedback or questions. I think having these written down could help us write our OKRs and make decisions when multiple options come up. The mission statement is mostly focused on why we exist right now, and the vision statement is more about where we are going and what changes we want to make (not necessarily what we are doing to effect those changes).

Is there anything wrong? Is there anything missing? Anything that resonates with you? Any other thoughts?

Test Pilot’s mission is to rapidly research, build, ship, test and get feedback on prototype features to inform the future direction of our browsers and attached services.


  • Test Pilot’s lightweight iteration process is the first step for any new feature on Firefox Desktop or mobile.
  • Our process, documentation, code and current work output are clear and legible so that Mozilla internal people can track our progress and Firefox community can easily participate.
  • Information about past, present and future experiments are easily discoverable and digestible.
  • We provide one of a kind support and guidance so that teams at Mozilla interested in experiments come to us because of the proven value we provide.
  • With other teams (Sync, mobile etc) we build a vision of Firefox as a set of interconnected services that give users control over their online lives no matter the touchpoints they use.
  • We believe that community, extensibility, and play are at the core of what made Firefox great to begin with. Test Pilot seeks to put these at the forefront of our work – to open the browser and our process for building it – to welcome the next generation of participant Mozillians and help build the future of Firefox.

(Test_Pilot_John) #2

Hey will, i think that last bullet in the vision section should be first since it underpins our whole philosophy.

Also information ‘is’ available, not information ‘are’ available…i think.

(Clouserw) #3

Thanks for your feedback. I’ve put this on our wiki at