FF Screenshot , PNG format , really?

(Luca Max) #1

Everything good till .PNG when saving the screenshot.

Really ?

Ok, forget it…

(Oimik Aborsaz) #2

Does not work at all. PNG is stupid format. Trying to save somethin from youtube and all it says is failed every time. Cannot get a single screenshot.

(Mozilla) #3

They should add jpeg saving format.
Png is not at all good.
So pls add jpeg in future updates.

Thank You…


It’s not even worth discussing with you guys, if you don’t understand that PNG is a losless file format which is much better than JPG.

(Ai) #5

please make an option saving format jpeg png

(Teoh Han Hui) #6

PNG is the best / desired format for a screenshot. JPEG compression is lossy - which means things might become blurry and/or pixelated. Usually you don’t want that happening to your screenshots.

A simple rule of thumb:
Use JPEG for photos (or when you really need a smaller file at the expense of quality).
Use PNG otherwise.

(Pol Le Libre) #7

why not a PDF option — with PDF - links in the screenshot would function…

(Rebecca Zirkle) #8

I came here to complain but it’s already been said. The thing pastes as a link…only half showing the photo and the receiver has to be redirected to a new tab? Yuk. No thanks.

(Arron Standish) #9

I would be very upset if PNG screenshots were removed, since it makes no sense to use JPG for screenshots. It’s just reduced quality for no reason.

(Starbeamrainbowlabs ) #10

PNG is the correct format to use for screenshots. JPEG is optimised for photographs - and any compression applied is lossy - i.e. data is lost during the compression process. PNG is loss-less - i.e. no data is lost when encoding to PNG.

This has nothing to do with whether it’s saving as a PNG or not.

A PDF is simply an encapulation of an image. It does not change the way the image is encoded. If you want to convert a webpage to a PDF and retain links etc, then that’s different problem that should be tackled as such. If you’d like to have a go at building something yourself, then the python tool WEasyPrint might be a good please to start.

(Pol Le Libre) #11

thanks for your reply - I understand what you say
but I haven’t got into programing yet.


Guys, I’m sorry, but what the heck have some of you been sniffing? JPEG is a compression format that’s absolutely TERRIBLE for taking screenshots containing text. And web pages contain a lot of text. If you use JPEG, you’ll end up with ugly artifacts around the letters or a huge file size. PNG is the only reasonable choice for this purpose and it is lossless, so if you really insist, you can later convert it to other types of files without worrying that the original screenshot was already messy.

(Clouserw) #13

At the risk of fueling the fire…

We’ve actually ended up generating the shot as a .png, then checking if it is over 2.5MB, and if it is, we convert to .jpg. When Screenshots first launched we had a lot of complaints of being too slow to take shots and it turns out big full screen shots were easily in the 10s of MBs when they were PNGs. Adding this 2.5MB limit let us re-enable the full screen shots button.

(Chris) #14

Please keep the PNG format, it’s the superior format in most cases (except for photographs). Most people taking screenshots of their browser aren’t taking pictures of photographs, since you can just right-click save photos in most cases if that was your goal.

(Xucong) #15

Could you pls at least retain the option of PNG format while taking full-page screenshot? JPG compression is just terrible. Tried to use this extention for web design mockup but the quality is just out of the question. I appreciate the fast speed but I believe there are many people who prefer quality over speed as there are many cases (such as web design mockup) where quality is king.

(Drane) #16

Granted PNG is lossy, but it doesn’t matter if you make no edits to the file. JPG is fine in that case and is supported much more widely than PNG. It’s very difficult to convert PNG to another image format, trivial to convert from JPG to most any image format.

(Nayas) #17

There’s clearly jpg artifacts even on the smallest shots I take, I don’t see a reason to save it in png, when it has visible compression. Would be great if you expose compression level variable to be changed in about:config.
In general if the shot is saved on disk there shouldn’t be an issue with average file size, so I’d suggest to make it uncompressed when saving to disk and compressed when uploading to cloud.