Firefox 57 events / release parties


It’s in six months, but I think it’s not too early. Is anyone already planning Firefox 57 event(s) / release parties in November? That was actually the reason why I started Prague meetups, to set up the ground for November.

I think we should prepare a framework and materials (and some stickers/buttons design?), that we can chime, localize and use for our local events.


While our current focus is on activities around MozActivate (Rust, WebVR, etc), I really like this idea. Firefox 57 will be big, and setting a big milestone in our journey.

Having launch parties for Firefox 57 would be good way to make people aware that Firefox has changed a lot in the past few years as well as, I think, it would be a good a good entry point for future contributors. By then we will definitely have the Nightly MozActivate activity (probably in v3 or so :slight_smile:) so this could easily be coupled with a call-to-action “install Firefox Nightly, you will get all of that and you can help us to get even better with using Nightly”.

We might even want to consider having a MozActivate activity just for that (maybe with content leading up to the release), even though this is would not be a continuous activity.

What do others think?


I think, having one or two meetups/short events should be considered as a prerequisite for a successful Fx57 launch event. Those may involve installing a promoting Nightly/Beta (depending on the timing), bug reporting a triaging mini-hackaton or similar. Those would require minimal materials, just few slides and maybe not even those, just some skill and short experience prior the event.

Seems like this topic is still too far…

Hi Michael,

Yes, the release will be in November, so it seems pretty far, but perhaps we can work on some ideas from the community, instead of waiting that Marketing team proposes something. What do you think?, what you have in mind?

In my opinion having a release party alla Firefox 4 style will be a little bit odd, but can work. I don’t know if that will depend on the country/culture of each community.

I was thinking more on having something like a Demo day (yeah, that’s old too), showing what can be done with Firefox (privacy features, security, webextensions), and probably introducing the community, or presenting other stuff like VR.

Another thing could be what you mention above (bug triaging or mini-hackaton), but I’m seeing that more for after Nightly launch (which I think it will be late July).

It would be great if others share their opinion :wink:



I haven’t been on a Firefox 4 release party, but from what I know, Gnome is still throwing release parties in Brno. :slight_smile: But yes, you are right it’s a bit old-fashioned and for that reason I would like to hear some even the craziest ideas around.

In Czech Republic, autumn is very conference and event heavy, so I will attend two or three both with a booth and a talk introducing Firefox 57. There will be also some meetups dedicated to Firefox 57 (not sure about the format yet), but still, that’s something already known.

I am looking for something really special, that noone has done before. A mini-hackathon sounds great! Having one day of a weekend with people, where morning we can introduce Firefox in general and afternoon get hands dirty when triaging bugs, testing etc.

Hi @mkohler,

I agree! Yesterday I was at a technology event here in Sao Paulo and was speaking about WebVR and many people asked about Firefox, the status of the product because here the market domination is of Google products, especially the browser.

And many people do not know Test Pilot, Firefox Nightly, Firefox Dev Tools - are very important, these release parties can bring a cool moment and enable people here to get to know Firefox better and the innovations that are to come, or those you already have in Developer Tools and Test Pilot.

Maybe we can also create a gdoc with different Firefox Release Party (event) flows, so we have all the ideas well defined.

I like the sound of this.

The few of us in Ireland have been in contact lately about hosting an upcoming event around the Autumn and this could greatly benefit in getting the attention of those who want to contribute, but don’t know how.

Hello all,

Still with some jetlag, but happy to see if we can coordinate something, ideas, plans, or if you prefer I can check with Marketing team if they have any campaign on mind to celebrate Firefox 57.

I guess we can brainstorm a little and try to sync to see if we can have more impact at global level, what do you think?

From this thread we have:

  • Release party (for nostalgic people like me :P)
  • Mini-hackathon (need to think on the content probably)
  • Demo-day (showcasing features, test pilot, etc)

Probably some communities will have more time, and prepare the ground after July when Nightly is released. So do you think we can open a Pad to throw some ideas in the meantime?


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If I have time, I definitely want to do some workshop for people about triaging Nightly bugs. So I will be super grateful for any ideas and materials.

We’re putting together ideas ourselves as it’s been awhile since we have hosted an event.

Mainly looking for a combo of the above as we expect many new-comers.

  • Release Party, the important features and goals of the release
  • Short talks about what Mozilla is about
  • How to contribute (needs to be split up into code, QA, L10n, etc).

Early days but that’s our initial plan

Hi @franc,

I like release party and demo-day (preferable for me), but we can match the two and create a demo-party.

I think it’s cool to check if the Marketing team is thinking something for Firefox 57 and then we can co-create something up and support them. Then we can create a Pad to structure all activity ideas.

Wow! this is really exciting idea. Firefox 57 is going to be Big and important milestone for Mozilla community.

I have some ideas to develop on how to celebrate the release party.

  1. A page for Firefox 57 release party with guideline on how to celebrate the day where if anyone interested to host can add their event details and list of all release parties similar to Debian Release Parties.

  2. We can ask our campus clubs to organize ‘Firefox Install Fest’ in their college/university with a metric as number of systems with Firefox installed.

  3. We can organize Web Compatibility Sprints & and overnight hack-a-thons to create Firefox 57+ compatible Extensions(Add-ons) #MozActivate along with release parties.

  4. Talks/Webinars on how important it is the fight to reclaim the browser market share ‘Browse for a cause with Firefox’, Internet health and advantages of using Firefox 57 etc.

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Any material for the 3rd point?

We can even do a global virtual campaign sharing the info on Firefox57, so that not just the tech communities but the general public learn about it as well.

Please suggest the info that can be shared.

Hello there all!
At Sprint, together with the local community in Colombia we had the opportunity to talk about the launch. We have the following ideas:

  • A mural alluding to Firefox 57 on a wall of the City.
  • A day of installation in several universities.
  • A day of advertising and delivery of flayers describing the new version of the browser.
  • A concert/party with reflection on the freedom of knowledge, and in this case free software.

One question @couci @mkohler We may have advice, documentation and some format related to the release?

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According to this,
Here in Nicaragua, we are preparing also an activity for the oficial launch (November).
@mkohler, @couci, @Mte90 maybe you can help us with some ideas that we use to organize an amazing event!

and @mpbonillap we can do something together :blush:


Hello ladies :slight_smile:

Those are really good questions, I am adding @sreed to this thread so she can help you out with marketing approaches and ideas on the launches.


Hello! We should receive messaging and assets in the coming weeks. I’ll let you know once we do.