Firefox 89

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The new layout is just terrible, by enabling the old one with compact layout and toggling between them, you can see just how much space is lost.

The old one is also better for attracting one’s eye as to which tab is the one that one is currently on, this update seems like a step back in terms of UX.


This new layout of FF89 looks horrible, terrible.

Please for the love of Firefox give us an option to get back the layout of FF88.

I really dislike the floating tabs idea. They’re completely disconnected. And all the extra information in the tab title header, it’s actually just useless and so distracting! When I’m on YouTube and I open 10 tabs in the background, I really do not need to see “Autoplay blocked” on each of those 10 tabs! I appreciate that you block autoplay, but you don’t need to tell me about it! I already enjoy this feature for many many years, I know that’s how it works…

The “New Tab” page is also not looking nice. The site-icons are all small and tiny suddenly.

And if you have messed with the minimum width of tabs, making titles invisible when there are many tabs open, that would have totally ruined the browser for me. :frowning:

So please, please, please, I beg you: Fix this broken Fox.

I’ve downloaded version 88.0.1 and will most likely be re-installing that soon and will be re-evaluating the use of Vivaldi.


Have to agree on the criticism of the new layout. My main gripe is that the lack of visible borders between the tabs makes it very difficult to see where one tab stops and the next one begins. And as I have some 30 pinned tabs and in total some 150+ active tabs spread over several windows that’s an important UX factor indeed. Unfortunately I can’t go back to FF88 either as this is a job labtop without administrative rights :angry:


Try opening the about:config url and search for the option “proton”. There will be the option browser.proton.enabled which you should set to false.
Happy browsing with properly looking tabs!

Thank you very much for this information, now I got my tabs looking like they used to! I earlier tried in vain to check whether changing the theme affected the look of the tabs.

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Changing themes was also the first thing that I tried. Unfortunately it did not work.
I read earlier in this same thread that they might remove in the future the option to disable the new “Proton” look.
If they do that, I will definitely disable auto-updates of the browser (which you can also do in about:config).

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just downgraded to 88, this is a shitty useless update, wheter the tabs gets shitty, is there any worst updates to see tab info, that gain of tab height space for seeing text smaller? wtf did you just do?


Thanks for the information about disabling auto-updates! Problem would then be that I might be stuck with a version of FF that might soon be considered unsafe by the IT department at work (I’m a university employee). As our laptops come with FF preinstalled I can’t reinstall it myself as I don’t have the necessary administrative rights for that (we have a “bank” of various tested programs that can be installed by ourselves and FF isn’t listed as it is supposed to preinstalled).
A query because of all of this: What happens if I disable automatic updates and later own decide to change that back? Would FF then automatically start updating again or would that need some kind of action needing administrative rights?

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I think that Firefox will then be able to resume automatic updates without further intervention.

Okay, I’m a little bit confused.

Do you want your tabs to stay wider so you can read more of them, or do you want your tabs to be narrower so they don’t require scrolling?

On the drop-down list (“Tab Manager”), some of the titles are cut off with … on the right side. Is that the problem? Or is the problem that they don’t all fit vertically?

I don’t know about user “ResidentX”, but I want my tabs wider so that I can read more of the title! And then the overflow I can deal with.
But I do not want the Chrome madness of tabs becoming almost too small to even see the full the icons!

You don’t know about Residentx, really? The only way to get more of the tab details is to create a vertical tab layout. Look at the screenshots and pay attention.

No, I don’t know about “ResidentX”. Sorry pal. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know what your answer to the question would be. That’s what I meant, if it wasn’t clear.
I guess that what I did not do, was pay enough attention to your links of screenshots.

But what I just wanted to do, was to say that hey I’m not the guy G. Carlisle is replying to but what I want is… etc. :slight_smile:

Anyway vertical tabs, I have that set up in Vivaldi. Not yet got that set up in Firefox, when I looked at that some years ago the extensions that tried to do that didn’t work well at all and didn’t look since.

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You posted a screenshot of the built-in Tab Manager list. If you want that list even in windows where the tab bar is not overflowing:

(1) In a new tab, type or paste about:config in the address bar and press Enter/Return. Click the button accepting the risk.

(2) In the search box in the page, type or paste browser.tabs.tabmanager.enabled and pause while the list is filtered

(3) Double-click the preference to switch the value from false to true

Or perhaps you would prefer to use one of the add-ons that lists tabs in the sidebar.

To hide the horizontal tabs, you can use custom style rules in a userChrome.css file.

(1) In a new tab, type or paste about:config in the address bar and press Enter/Return. Click the button accepting the risk.

(2) In the search box in the page, type or paste browser.tabs.tabMinWidth and pause while the list is filtered

(3) Double-click the preference (or click the pencil button) to display an editing field where you can increase the minimum width. In the old days it was 100, if that was better for you. Press Enter or click the blue check mark button to save the change.

@jscher2000, thanks for your comments but I already re-installed Microsoft Edge yesterday which has vertical tabs. I just have zero patience for people who are just disruptive. I’m a busy person and these changes in Firefox just hit at the wrong time, sorry.

Well, I don’t know why the anger directed at me – we both came here to complain about the FF89 update.
Have a good day.

I was able to remove the new design using this link :