Firefox Club Leads Hangout 2.0 - Maker Party to Learn Webmaker for Android!

(Muhammed Hasan Ahmed) #1

On Sunday 23rd August, I held a series of online Maker Party Hangouts in 3 batches for teaching more than 25 Club Leads of different Firefox Clubs from all over Pakistan about how to use the Webmaker app for Android, to easily create cool Makes & Projects directly on their mobile. Duration of each Hangout session was 1.5 hours max.


  • A day prior to the event, I provided the link of the Webmaker App on Android to participants in the Facebook Event page (private), and asked them to download and install the Webmaker app on their Android phones before joining the event.
  • Also instructed them to keep their phones fully charged.


  • Started-off with an Introduction to Mozilla and it’s Mission

  • Introduced the Mozilla Learning Network project and shed some light on it’s background which was previously called the Webmaker project

  • Tools: Thimble, X-Ray Goggles, Webmaker,

  • Activities in which they can participate,

  • Events which they can organize,

  • Maker Party to learn, teach & create Makes and Projects using any of the tools and activities

  • Brought the focus of the event to the Webmaker App for Android, by explaining:

  • What the app does,

  • Why it was created,

  • How it can be used, etc.

  • Started the Hands-on session of the Webmaker App for Android using the awesome Slide Deck created by @umesh ->

  • Explained each step slowly for participants to create their projects live during the session

  • At the end of the session, most of the participants had created their first Projects on the Webmaker app for Android

  • Question & Answer round: only one question which was to find out if the Webmaker App is available on other mobile Operating Systems besides Android

  • Webmaker Certificate for Participants ->

  • Provided to those who created their Projects on the Webmaker app for Android by sharing their project’s URL

  • Instructed them on how to Remix the Certificate by adding their Name and then making it theirs by Saving it