Firefox for Ubuntu touch


I’m using Ubuntu touch, which is supported by Ubports.
I’m afraid, there is no Firefox app for Ubuntu touch on the OpenStore, nor on the Firefox web site.
Is there a plan about porting Firefox to Ubuntu touch in the future?

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Hi there, I have the same request. Firefox with pocket and sync tabs is missing on Ubuntu Touch. We hope you have enought energy to build it :slight_smile:

I auto answer myself. I test :

  • install libertine on my BQ Aquaris E5 HQ,
  • create a container “test” without password,
  • click on add and “enter a package name”,
  • typing “firefox” and waiting 20 minutes …
  • an icon Firefox appear and waou ! It’s working but in desktop format, not in responsive mode …

…enable touch scrolling by adding the “Scroll Anywhere” extension, and setting it to use “Left Click” and “Grab and Drag” in its preferences. I suggest using the Libertine Tweak Tool app from the OpenStore to make gui scaling and scroll bars work better for it as well. One nice thing with Firefox is for dynamic websites it will display the mobile site in portrait mode, and desktop site in landscape mode.


have you tried this. Is it still valid today? Ta

I would like to see this as well since I use firefox on my other devices.

another tweak at least for my ubuntu to enable touch support in firefox:
add export MOZ_USE_XINPUT2=1 to your .bashrc or use it as flag on firefox start.
at least in the past the new input handling was not enabled because of some bugs and regressions.
for me it justs works :wink:

sunny greetings