Firefox is terribly useless now

I have used Firefox for the last 9 years and I never had an issue. Soon I will flip over to Edge since it actually works. Firefox is super slow and in most cases will not load a page and instead just dies. It is a shame Mozilla let Firefox fall into the trash heap of uselessness.


yes i really like firefox, also long term user, but i experience exactly what you say… my cup of patience is almost full, i found latest vivaldi with “workspaces” feature as best alternative… i dont understand policy of firefox team but i also experiencing another issues like DPMS is not properly turned off when video is playing… no solutions just ukrain flags everywhere on their issue tracker…

try refreshing your Firefox to solve issues from long-term profile

I have used firefox for more years than I can count … even in the days when it was called Mozilla.

Now I am reluctantly about to ditch it in favour of Chrome at least until I can find another browser!

Firefox is now SO complex and intent on creating its own mini-operating system within windows, often ignoring windows settings in terms of format, colours etc. Instead of focusing on its original goal of being a slimline efficient browser (compared for example with IE). I was trying to set Inactive Applications title bars to a colour different from the active title bar. I achieved that … except for FF … it retained its pale grey colour if in focus or not! I found some instructions that put an entry into the chrome.css file for FF that had been recommended. Nope didn’t work. I discovered that Firefox latest versions decided to even ignore the chrome.css file! I’ve found that removing the ability for users to change settings has become the standard. They would say “deprecated”

There are other issues with latest firefox releases. It’s now worse than the old IE (now renamed to Edge). Firefox’s market share keeps falling. Is it any wonder why?

Time to go back to what Mozilla and Firefox stood for,