Firefox JS Performance Leap : Is there anything in progress?

Hello, I never seen any new JS performance leap for firefox this year, and the latest upgrade is last year, it’s quite sad to see firefox lack behind day by day against chromium browser, even on firefox discourse forum, where it’s very slow to load the website, and I’ve hard time writing on textarea while writting this post.

I hope this will end soon, and it will be better, because I need to switch to CrEdge each time to have pleasant browsing experience on JS heavy site like discourse, reddit, kaskus, wordpress(js) and etc… it’s sad tho…

I already open several bugzilla ID, especially for discourse

I hope there’re dev that can shave something at this or giving some heads up, that there’re new JS improvement still in progress. Thank you

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There’s a weird tendency of devs, as soon as a faster something is released they will use all of it and ássume their users are on equally fast systems.

Sometimes it is helpful to restrain yourself, or constrain, to something of an i3 or Atom and limit bandwidth to crummy DSL.

The reason all my HTML is hand-rolled and not generated, generation begets generation! :wink:

Please keep that in mind.
Your user is using a system 1/10th the power and 1/4 of your mem.

That’s also what I think about… most of user based on data ( still using dual core CPU and even some dual core are either celeron or atom… let us also talk about old intel i-series like 2nd gen or 3rd gen, I felt sluggishness on them, and the machine still works for many works performance today (2022), but firefox kept on tumbling down and slow… :confused: especially in website that is JS heavy one… while chromium browser are not… it’s really sad to see tbh…

Some comparative profiling data would be useful, luckily all modern browsers come with profilers built-in. Then we can identify where most time is being spent.

I did. My report on bugzilla just sit there and no one even look into it.

Benyamin Limanto

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