Firefox OS 2.2 nightlies (Missing Firefox icon and frame)

(Stephen J Murphy) #1

So I just wanted to open a floor for discussion on this as I cant find much detail apart from this bug on the matter.

Since the middle of September, the nightlies (and now stable) for the flatfish have moved from 2.1 to 2.2. At this moment of writing there is no documentation on 2.2 or goals set for this release branch but there seems to be one component missing, Firefox app (we’ll say), and it’s logo, leaving it to be a bother to try and view the web.

From the sounds of the bug I linked to, it sounds like it’s intentional but if their is no goals yet for 2.2 then why?

Apart from that 2.2 is a pretty good batch of nightlies,I just hope we are not really going to take away Firefox from FirefoxOS for a more universal search.

(Archaeopteryx) #2

For the issue on tablets, akerbeltz filed bug 1070644 yesterday.

(Stephen J Murphy) #3

Thanks for the bug link. It’s been merged with the one I linked originally.

(Kairo) #4

The real problem behind this is that the old horizontal homescreen should not be used any more but the new vertical homescreen needs some small adaptations (see bug 1052080). Someone with JavaScript knowledge would be appreciated to look into this one and help.

The new UI of Firefox OS does not have an explicit browser app any more, as the location/search bar (“Rocketbar”) is completely integrated into both the (vertical) homescreen and the notification bar. The system is the browser, the platform is the web, as it should be. Tap at the upper border of the screen on the left side and you always get to the “Rocketbar”. The old homescreen is deprecated and has not been adapted to that new world.

Please help us get the vertical homescreen in shape and make it the tablet homescreen as well.