Firefox OS 2.5 "trainspotting" content-kit

(Flaki) #1

Hey and howdy! In a dire attempt to breathe life into our discourse channel and to gather some info on the speedily approaching Firefox OS 2.5-release, I’ve set out to gather & compile some info on the new stuff:

Please add any FxOS 2.5-related info in this Etherpad

Next week I’m going to present to my local Hungarian open-source community about all the new shiny stuff upcoming in 2.5, I will share the slides and the information gathered in the above pad afterwards in a Content Kit, so anyone who is planning to present on the cool new additions in 2.5 will have something to start from.

Please share your thoughts, below, your resources/info/links in the above pad and later in the content-kit as well. Thanks!