Firefox OS Flame from Tunisia

Hi Mozillians :smile:
I’m a new contributor here and i really want to be a part of the Firefox OS’ QA team, so my question is how to get the Firefox OS Flame from Tunisia ?
Cheers from Tunisia :firefox:

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Hey Abdelaziz,
I am Manel from Tunisia, I would love to meet you and know more about you and have you join our Community MozillaTunisia, Also I am going to be in the United States next week so I would be happy to you bring a Flame, just need to know where you live what do you want to know more about Mozilla and specially Firefox OS QA as I am also contributing to the same area :smile:

Hi Manel,
That’s great :smile:, I was already seeking for Tunisian’s Mozillians to get in touch with. I’m a little bit lost, because this whole thing is new for me i have never worked with an open source community before.
Otherwise, i have already involved in the community via this site, i made a Mozillian account and i did couple of tasks in the OneAndDone Platform.
I would love to meet you too so you can provide me with more details about the community and how to be a part of Firefox OS’ QA team.You can contact me, if you don’t mind, via my eamil
Thanks for the quick reply :grin: