Firefox OS HackFest Dhaka '15

(Aniruddha Adhikary) #1

I have planned “Firefox OS HackFest Dhaka” with my mentor Soumya Deb. The goal is developers with the skills and inspiration to successfully start modifying, developing and contributing to the Firefox OS (b2g) project, resulting in more active code contributors and amazing new forks of the operating system. Planned date is 24th January, 2015.

Mini agenda

Introduction to Firefox OS - Basic Stuff

Gaia, Gecko and Gonk Basics && Comparison with Android (perspective of system structure)

Getting the source code and building for a target - Hands on session on obtaining B2G source code and building for a specific target device. Since 40 people would require a lot of bandwidth, we will just show the commands of syncing repo and then handover the source code via flash drives. Then the building session

Basics of porting Firefox OS to a new target - Here we will take a new target device and port Firefox OS to it!

Gaia customization primer and flashing Gaia - We will be customizing some aspects of the Firefox OS UI - the keyboard, the music player, the homescreen and flash gaia back to a target device.

Bug-A-Thon: Choose and fix a bug - We will be giving out a list of easy to fix bugs and the attendees will be given 7 days time to submit a patch to Bugzilla. First 5 patches would get a Firefox OS device, and the later ones (if they succeed) will get Firefox Tees!

Reps event portal page:

Planning to invite local Android Custom ROM Developers, Mobile App / Web Designers and Developers, Platform Developers and Engineers from local Phone Manufacturers (WALTON, Symphony), Engineers from Global Device Manufacturers (Samsung R&D Institute…). Of course, Mozillians and anyone who feels interested!

Please let me know you thoughts and suggestions on this!

(Sylvan D Ash) #2

Awesome initiative. I think I’ll just use your template to hold a similar event. Hope you will be willing to share your resources after the event :smile:

(Maliha) #3

Please ask for any kind of assistance , will be glad to offer my help in anywhere i fit in :slight_smile:

(Tanha Islam) #4

solid event! :smiley: