Firefox OS is Dead? No!

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #1

I wake up this morning with a bad surprise.
On social network and tech blogs there is that news, Firefox OS is dead.

Why close Firefox OS after the release of FFOS 2.5, of B2gDroid, the launch of FFOS Participation Hub and the FoxFooding program?

##What is the situation?
I received different contacts of people that ask info about that but there are only thoughts and that official comment:
But there is a tweet that explain the real situation

##Fake news
In few words this is the actual situation on tech blogs and social networks.
Firefox OS is not dead, now Mozilla don’t have partnerships with carrier like telecom etc…
The rest is the same!

##The problem
I’ve started an etherpad to track all the sites (in the various languages) that share that news and I’ve started to contact to alert that situation.

PS: This is not an official communication but only an help for the other mozillians in the situation, like me, to reply to all the questions from social etc.

Also an explanation of the situation in italian here by me


I suspect the reason why this fake news has spread so quickly is that the death od FxOS is what a lot of people were expecting. Thus an ambiguous tweet was enough to spark this avalance of “I told you so”. Even on the Foxfood Telegram group it had to be reiterated many times that no, FxOS is not dead, before people calmed down.

As the fake news about FxOS’s death spread, people started to openly discuss about it. What followed was quite unexpected (or maybe not): loads of skepticism in FxOS’s and Mozilla’s means and a fair amount of criticisms, at times bordering hate, towards the project. Looks like people talks more freely about dead things, especially if they have something nasty to say!

I think this is doubly a blessing for FxOS. Firstly, because now people are talking about FxOS, which was not happening since the disastrous reviews of the $35 smartphone and the precocious death of Matchstick (that actually being real). Secondly, because people are now speaking their mind and, among some venomous spit, solid critiques can be found.

Rejoice, mozillians! For now FxOS has achieved the same status as Paul McCartney, believed dead while still walking this earth. Likewise, FxOS is dead while still running. The running dead.

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #3

Now the calm after the storm I can see the advantage of that situation but I can say that no one is retracting the first news.

About the problems of Firefox OS I’ve talked in a long post on my blog: and for me is the few public API the main problem.

The public announce

(Justin Potts) #4

I think the biggest thing to take away from the announcement is no, it’s not dead. And in fact, it never will be.

I was talking with @asa last night about the possibilities of Firefox OS continuing into other devices, like home security, or the TV, or anything like that which will always need and be able to use core components of Firefox OS. While the product itself may be gone, in terms of shipping mobile devices and searching for carriers and partners to deliver devices to consumers, the technology and core behind it will continue to last for many many years.

Even the Foxfooding initiative still has benefits in its continuation. It’s a prime example of Firefox OS’s core technologies and potential in the real world. While the device won’t be sold, the components will, and as more and more people test out the software, and through the Foxfooding program, people will start to understand the way Firefox OS can make its way into our lives again through different types of products, and understand which components can be taken away and reused for years to come.


Firefox OS as a product is alive as long as people develop and use it, so from this point of view not much has changed.

Though, I think FxOS (for smartphones) has yet to express its full potential. Just to name a few things: the Alopex initiative may revolutionise the UI; add-ons can make FxOS flexible and customizable to a degree never seen before; NGA, Servo, Service Workers, and WebAssembly can boost performances. So much to be done!

It’s such a wide project it will never be completed unless it is a top priority for Mozilla. If the recent moves are in view of focusing on FxOS developement rather than releasing devices, this is very welcome indeed. If, on the contrary, they were relegating FxOS to be a marginal side-project, to be mantained for the benefit of Foxfooders only, then it would be better they just pulled the plug.

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The first effect of that
Ticket closed :pensive:

(Pochy) #7

Finally the issue was reopened but this is bad for the project, we must find a better way to give this news. I see in the last time, always that mozilla announces some changes many people(blogs, forum) attack these desicions with bad publicity.


This is something I see so often but I can never understand. Mozilla is a no-profit foundation making free (both as in freedom and in free beer) high-quality products for everyone, and has never disappointed its users’ thrust. Yet, somehow the Internet is filled with rants against Mozilla, its products and its strategic choices. I know people like to complain, but the anger I see towards Mozilla surprises me every time.



Note the for smartphones! Firefox OS for smartphones is not dead!


Great! :smiley:
I wonder if it’s referring to 2.6 or they have something surprising for foxfooders too…

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Other info that confirm the development of Firefox OS, is not specified the smartphone future butfor the message is obvious that the smartphone continue to exist and produce new devices.

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Some tech blogs repost that newssayng that Firefox OS will be only for that devices but as we said in that thread is not true.

That news is extracted!msg/ from a document shared in the mailing list.
Is only a presentation of few ideas for the iot future in Firefox OS that is not a confirmed idea only a propose/draft (that for me are very cool).